About Us

Shooting for the moon!

Who Are We?

TidyClub was created by people like you.

We put our hand up and volunteered to administrate a community group, in fact between us we’ve administrated a wide range of groups and we still do. From these experiences we quickly learned how hard it was to keep membership databases updated, organise committee meetings, manage the finances whilst still communicating effectively across a range of teams, players, members, and supporters. That’s why we built TidyClub.

We built our platform to help streamline the administration and management. To sync all of your information and ensure that it is never more than a few clicks away, anywhere, anytime and on any device.

It just works. Simple.

Would you like to join us? Intern roles are available. Contact Us

You can read more on our blog.tidyclub.com 

Our Skills

Playing football


Talking about how good we are at playing football


Drinking coffee


Responsive Agile Development


Club Management


Talking to our mother


Surfing ability


Buying Apple gear


Focused on making TidyClub the best platform for your club