Thousands of organisations are using TidyClub to organise their operations. Whether you’re running an event, managing memberships, tracking finances, sending an SMS or simply keeping track of your groups to-dos. TidyClub is here to help you get things done and save you time.

“Having all of our contacts in one place has been a real time saver”

Club Secretary

“The time I spend collecting money has been reduced by over 8 hours a week”

Club Treasurer

“Dealing with TidyClub and seeing how quick they respond has been refreshing”

Club President

How it works

TidyClub has been designed with the volunteer in mind. You can easily upload contacts, add other Users, Membership Levels and more.

If you are unsure feel free to contact us as we have been in your shoes before and we know what you’re up against. By having all of your club’s information centralised it is easier than ever to ensure all of your volunteers are on the same page, and they will end up spending less time running the club and more time enjoying the club.

On a similar note parent associations can have a complete overview of their association or club governance by getting real-time information fed up to them, so as to focus resources and people in a more intelligent manner. Find out more on the club or association page.

Your headquarters on the web.

All of your club’s information in one place. A transparent and easy to understand format for the whole committee. Now you have more understanding of what is and isn’t happening in your club while reducing the overhead for your warm-hearted volunteers.

Unlock your clubs full potential and start giving your volunteers the tools to do more with less hours!



We are reducing volunteer hours – but don’t just take our word for it.

Why spend 10+ hours administrating your club when you can do it in less than 30 minutes

Have all of your committee on the same page, with accurate numbers and beautiful reports just a click away. It's a ready made succession plan.